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A few facts about us

Kiser Carpet

For 37 years, Danny and Karla Kiser have been building Kiser Flooring Center through hard work and perseverance, standing tough even when natural disaster knocked their building down.

"On May 28, 1995 at 4:30 p.m., life changed," Danny says. "One hundred mile-per-hour winds, softball-size hail and a tornado collapsed the entire store." And the entire town. Danny had started business as an installer in 1980 and branched into sales two years later, when a downturn in the west Texas oil industry made installation jobs dry up.

By the time of the 1995 storm, Kiser Carpets had grown from a 400-square foot building to I 0,000 square feet. In the early days, while Danny installed floors, wife Karla sold carpet out of the store, where she was also raising the couple's daughters, Kasie and Courtney.

When the storm hit, Danny and Karla were more than two hours away, on their way back to town.

"We will make it" They set up a circus tent, dug out all their stuff and took care of the rest of the town first." They did a year's worth of business in three months, bought a new 5,000- square-foot store and moved.

The town- including Kiser Flooring Center-rose from the rubble caused by the tornado.

They added another 5,000 square feet in 2000 and "never looked back; ' Danny says.

Today Kiser Flooring Center flourishes as a full-service flooring outlet, providing flooring of all types, with professional design assistance, quality installation and top-notch service at each step for every customer.

One of the latest improvements in the growth of Kiser Flooring Center is its becoming a Shaw Design Center. "Making the decision was easy", Danny says. "We wanted to align with the leader in the flooring industry, from styling to delivery to our door."

Kiser Flooring Center's reputation is built by its owners and their staff through their dedication to providing customers the best in products and service before and after the sale. But Kiser Flooring Center's owners and staff mean much more to their community than just beautiful floors. Danny, Karla and the sales staff serve on the boards of community organizations. The business supports Shannon Healthcare, Children's Miracle Network, San Angelo Soccer League, Western Baseball Little League and various youth sports teams. The owners and staff have served as coaches for youth sports teams and leaders of church youth groups.

Kiser Flooring Center has risen from humble beginnings, survived disaster and grown into the vibrant organization it is today.


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